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Planning and Planning Applications

This page contains information on:

  • planning and listed building consent applications that have been made within the Parish (or that affect the Parish)
  • over-arching planning policy that affects the area.

The Planning Application Process
Planning legislation dictates a very clear process for applying for and determining planning approval (and other related consents).  This sets timescales in which Local Authorities have to determine applications.  SODC has its own Core Strategy which sets local parameters against which applications are assessed.  In commenting on an application only 'material' considerations can be taken into account.

It should be noted that the majority of the buildings in the Parish are listed and alterations, even if not requiring planning consent, are likely to require Listed Building Consent.

Latest Applications 2013

Old Town Cottage

Applications have been submitted for planning and listed building consents for repairs and modifications to Old Town Cottage.  Information is available from SODC's planning webpages.

The public consulation period ends on 22 May 2013.  The period for determination expires on

New Cottage

A further application has been submitted
for extensions to New Cottage.  The application is due to be determined by 10 May 2013.  Information is available is on the relevant SODC webpage.

25 Nuneham Courtenay


Brewer's Garage - new housing

Update - 4 May 2013

Since the original application was lodged:
  • the conservation consent appplication P13/S0024/CA has been approved;
  • revised proposals have been submitted

The conservation area consent allows only for demolition of the workshops and out-building.

The planning application has been revised.  The main features are:

  • the number of houses remains as originally proposed;
  • the development does not progress as far onto the car lot as originally proposed through:
    • reducing the width of the houses;
    • bringing them closer together

The principal changes are highlighted in the letter from the architects for the scheme:  

A drop-in session was held on xxx to allow parishioners to view thew revised proposals.  Asa result of this a number of responses were made directly by parishioners.

The revised plans are available to view either by contacting Colin George or directly from the SODC website P12/S3162/FUL

Notes on the original planning application

A planning application has now been lodged with SODC.  This proposes six new houses on land to the rear of the site, replacing the existing workshops and extending along the eastern boundary northwards.  The proposal is for six 3 and 4 bed-roomed houses with associated 'parking barns'.  The proposal removes the car lot and provides a new grassed area and trees to lessen the impact of the development.  The proposal is in addition to the recently approved change of use of the exisitng smithy and garage buildings to retail and office uses.

Plans are available from the SODC website  (The reference numbers are P12/S3162/FUL and P13/S0024/CA.  Clicking on the reference numbers will take you to the application sites - the information is largely the same) or in hard copy from Colin George (01865 343767).  Copies of some of the principal documents are available to view below (in .pdf format).

Thanks to those who have responded driectly to SODC and/or to the Parish Council.  The two drop-in sessions were well attended   We are grateful for everybody's consdieration of the issues.  The Parish Council has now made its response.  We have colleated all the information we have received and have passed this on to SODC.  There was a considerable diversity of view on the proposals, from those who did not to see any development to those who were happy to see the proposed scheme built.  Because of this we have drawn out what we think are the key issues of concern.  We have sought refusal of the application not to stop development but to allow the proposed scheme to be discussed by SODC's planning committee so that, where concerns are raised, these can be discussed by the elected members.  The main concerns we picked up in a significant number of responses were the lack of affordable or housing for the elderly, highways issues and the impacxt on drainage.  The Parish Council's response can be accessed below.

Parish Council Response

Response notes

Appendices to response notes

Recently Determined Applications

25 Nuneham Courtenay - new boiler and flue

The application for listed building consent associated with the above was approved by SODC on 7 March 2013.
Planning Policy

Information in the section below provides information on over-arching County and District Council planning policy:

SODC Core Strategy

The Core Strategy sets the strategic policies and general principles for planning in the District up until 2026.  The development of the Core Strategy had been held in abeyance whilst SODC awaited the Government's position on regional planning policy.  The abolition of the regional planning process, including the South-East Regional Plan, to which the Core Strategy would have had to have related, means that SODC the Core Strategy process was delayed.  SODC will now have to set its own targets for growth rather than using those set regionally. 

The Core Strategy has now been reviewed by a planning inspector in open session. 

Further information is available from the SODC website: SODC Core Strategy

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